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C.El Ansary Thurs 10/19 7:30pm

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Paradise Square

A haunting vision of Baghdad and other Arab cities then and now, this collection is Chirine’s modern adaptation of stories from “The One Thousand and One Nights”, the famous Middle Eastern wonder tales. She deftly blends old treasures with a contemporary point of view by reclaiming stories that have often been misrepresented in translation. Join us for this magical night of tales.
Born in Cairo, Chirine El Ansary is a storyteller and physical performer living in Egypt and France. She was one of the first artists to perform in the ancient buildings in the heart of the old city of Cairo, and today she is internationally known, having performed in cities as diverse as Zanzibar, Johannesburg, Rome, Naples, London, and Paris. Her exquisite work includes performances of The Arabian Nights, Sufi tales, performance poetry and performances based on her own writings.
Chirine El Ansari is as seductive and resourceful as the wily women in her narrative. And the tales themselves are a joy to witness. – Everything Theatre, London
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