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Simon Brooks Virtual 8/30

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Simon Brooks Virtual

This virtual ticket offers one link to a recording of a live show for this teller. You will be emailed the link from on Friday morning. The video can be watched from 2 pm EDT on Friday until midnight EDT the following Monday. This ticket will be on sale until 4:30 pm EDT on Saturday, August 31.

Born in England, Simon Brooks was raised on traditional tales. With his bodhrán and stories full of memorable characters, Simon combines the intensity of a solo performance with the intimacy of a face-to-face conversation. His CDs have garnered awards from Parent’s Choice and Storytelling World, and his book of folk and fairy tales, Under the Oaken Bough, is popular with schools, libraries, and families.
Simon’s voices and sound effects are perfected to the point where you become lost in the tale as you might a movie, no matter your age. — Caladonian Record
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